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Sarasota attorney Erin Speyer, Esq., provides legal representation for criminal charges, real estate and civil transactions, and family law.

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Criminal Representation

The criminal justice system does not go easy on the accused. When there is a threat to your reputation, your freedom, and your future, contact an aggressive defense attorney such as Erin Speyer.

She has represented clients facing charges for drug offenses–including sales, possessions, and trafficking–DUI,  major traffic offenses, and firearm offenses among many other criminal charges.


Real Estate and Civil Transactions

Well-drafted contracts are essential to successful business transactions. Erin Speyer helps her clients with a variety of transactions. 

Marriage, Divorce, Custody

When hiring an attorney for a family matter, the issue of trust hits closer to home.  Erin Speyer takes care to fully understand all the issues and deliver thoughtful service to families dealing with issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights.

Our First Steps Together

The path may not be clear and it can sometimes look dark. In our first meeting, we will clear away the brush and take a clear-eyed look at the circumstances of your situation. From there we will take the steps necessary to move toward justice.

What You Can Expect from Me

During your free consultation, I will get to know you and the issue that brings you to me (whether it is civil/criminal/family). We will confirm in this session whether I can assist with the problem/issue and then we can begin to work on your case.

“I hired Erin for a misdemeanor case. I had had been in trouble in the past. This attorney got right on the case before it was even filed on. My calls were always returned when I had a question. The outcome of the case was better than I expected. If you need a good criminal attorney she is the one.”

“I hired Erin for a felony possession of cocaine charge which violated my felony probation so I had no bond. Erin was able to get me released on SPR within 2 weeks right before Christmas Day so I got to spend Christmas with family, on top of that she beat my charges and got my probation reinstated!! Very pleased with her easy to work with, Always gave me updates and you speak to her directly you don’t have to go through an assistant like most lawyers. “

“Got into a little misunderstanding so I hired Erin. Totally satisfied she is a good attorney. Always returned my calls and worked on my case. I had a better outcome than was expected. Thank You!!!”

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